Homemade VocalScenes is about Classical Vocal Music – in a seriously humorous way!

I create music videos only using my singing voice in its purest state: a capella. The repertoire is taken from classical music and embraces well known vocal music from the renaissance to the romantic.

I sing at several tessituras producing different voice colours. I intentionally avoid other uses like speaking or imitating percussiv sounds. Occasionally I make sounds just with some props but in the videos I don’t play any music instrument properly. It maybe feels like a bit raw… nevertheless at the end it is a really exciting journey in a somehow naked soundscape.

Therefore the most important of my work is obviously the quality of the voices. The harmony of them all together has to sound clean and full. That’s the kind of magic I’m looking for.

For the scene I normaly use a couple of inventive ideas just to illustrate the content of the piece from a rather surprising perspective. I always try to keep the acting very simple. 

I actually make all recordings in my home study also making myself every step of the whole process. That’s why it is called Homemade.It is furthermore selfmade since I don’t get help of anybody… that is a big challange!

YouTube Channel – VocalScenes